Sushant Sinha: The Journey of an Indian News Reporter


Sushant Sinha is a name that resonates in the field of Indian journalism, known for his fearless and honest reporting. He has worked with several prominent news channels, including India News, NDTV, News24, Live India, Janmat, and Jain TV, but he currently graces the screens of TIMES NOW Navbharat. People admire him for his uncompromising journalism and his dedication to bringing the truth to the public.

Sushant Sinha
Sushant Sinha

Early Life and Family

Sushant was born on August 2, 1984, in Patna, Bihar. While there is limited information available about his family, we do know that he is married to Meenakshi Sinha, with whom he has a daughter named Manvi Sinha. Sushant Sinha hails from a Hindu family.


Sushant Sinha completed his primary education at St. Xavier’s High School in Patna. He furthered his education by pursuing a degree in Information Technology from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).

Sushant Sinha
Sushant Sinha

The Journey into Journalism

Sinha embarked on his journey in journalism in 2002 when he joined Jain TV as an anchor. He worked with Jain TV until 2005, honing his skills and making a name for himself.

After 2005, he joined Live India as an anchor and producer, dedicating nearly six years to the channel. This period allowed him to gain insights into the news industry and solidify his position as a hardworking journalist.

News24: Venturing into New Avenues

In December 2010, Sushant began a new chapter in his career by joining News24 as a news anchor and associate producer. This move offered him the opportunity to work with a different medium, and he embraced it wholeheartedly.

Sushant Sinha
Sushant Sinha

NDTV: Making Strides in News Reporting

Subsequently, Sushant joined NDTV and started working as an anchor associate editor. His contributions became increasingly significant, and he continued to excel in the field of journalism.

In October 2016, he became the senior anchor editor at India News, where he made significant contributions to news reporting.

Venturing into YouTube

Apart from his mainstream journalism career, Sushant Sinha ventured into the world of YouTube in 2021. On his YouTube channel, he has uploaded over 712 videos, addressing various domestic and international issues. With over a million subscribers, his YouTube channel demonstrates that people appreciate his perspectives on a wide range of topics.

Hosting Prominent Shows and Debates

Sushant has hosted several prominent and well-received shows, including “Prashnakal” and “Suno India.” His involvement in debate shows has allowed him to engage in discussions on crucial issues, connecting with his audience through news and opinions.

Present Endeavors: Times Now Navbharat

Currently, Sushant Sinha works for Times Now Navbharat, where he continues to provide fearless journalism and engages in discussions on both contemporary and enduring issues.

Sushant Sinha
Sushant Sinha with baby

The Unwavering Journalist

Sushant is recognized for his unwavering commitment to journalism and honesty in reporting. His journey, from a modest city to a leading news channel, serves as an inspiration to all aspiring journalists. He has shown that achieving success in any field requires enthusiasm and determination.

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Sushant Sinha’s story serves as a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and integrity. His journey from a small city to the forefront of Indian journalism is a remarkable one, showcasing that achieving one’s dreams and serving the nation is possible through passion and determination. Sushant Sinha is a source of pride and an exemplary figure who has realized his aspirations and gained recognition in the world of Indian journalism.



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